After TURP Surgery – Then What Happens?
by Lou Kertesz

After 14 months of living with the symptoms of an enlarged prostate, exploring my options and doing “extensive research” about enlarged prostates …  (the medical term is Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia or BPH) … I thought that I had done a pretty good job of exploring the subject of BPH.

I have some hard learned lessons about TURP surgery’s post operative side effects I’d like to tell you about that my Doctor did not tell me before my TURP Surgery and that I did not find anywhere on the inretnet on the subject … and I did exhaustive research.

I Want You To Hear What I Learned The Hard Way …  I want you to know what’s happening to your body when you have an enlarged prostate in non-medical terms … and  also tell you what I experienced that caught me totally by surprise … so if you proceed to have surgery as I did, you’ll know what to expect … and by the way,  I {do not regret`am not sorry I made} that choice at all.

There’s a ton of information available on the internet about enlarged prostates, swollen prostates, symptoms of enlarged prostates, etc. So when I spent about a year researching enlarged prostates before my prostate surgery, I thought I knew what to expect …. WRONG !!!

Save Yourself From Needless Embarrassment and Anguish … Don’t repeat my experience! If you starting to have the symptoms of an enlarged prostate, or you already know for sure that you have a swollen prostate gland and are seriously considering your alternatives …. the 15 to 20 minutes you spend on the website I created can save you a great deal anguish and embarrassment.

Discover The 5 Post -Surgery Side Effects … You can search all over the internet and not find any information about the 5 post surgery ‘side-effects’ that I experienced after my prostate surgery …  and as I said, I researched this topic using the internet for over a year before my surgery.

A Bunch Of Cold, Clinical Descriptions and … All of the data I found on the web was the same … cold, clinical descriptions:

  • of what an enlarged prostate gland looks like
  • about what may cause an enlarged prostate
  • about the primary medical procedures for a treating a swollen prostate.

A Thousand Websites Selling Herbal Cures … And of course I also found what seemed like a thousand web sites selling vitamins & herbs …. all claiming that their product was the best.   I’ll describe my experience with herbal remedies and prescription drugs.  We’ll cover non-surgical treatments here as well.

This is a VERY Common Experience … For well over halo of the guys over 50, having an BPH is about as common as the sky having *clouds*. I think that my experience was typical based on my discussions with men who have had prostate surgery after I had my surgery.

For the most current information about what happends AFTER TURP, this is the only resource you will ever need.